The First Artist Blog
March 3, 2012

This is my first blog entry. On these pages I will reflect on my art making experience. It will begin as part of the prep for my artist residency in May and June. I will share thoughts and inspirations and questions about art and spirituality in an attempt to define my art journey.

My first question is why I want, or rather need, to make art. What is it that motivates me beyond the fact that I enjoy making art? I am not content if there is no art making in my life. I may not make art compulsively or constantly, but art and beauty are always on my mind, they are always my point of reference. There is never a moment when my viewpoint does not somehow relate to beauty. It can be a beautiful scene or work of art, or a beautiful and inspiring philosophy. Either way, I am always pursuing beauty. So, according to this, I make art as one way to pursue beauty.