Parsing Creativity
March 31, 2012

The next question is about creative process. In most artist statements I say that engaging the creative process is my focus. But what is the creative process? By itself creativity is free thinking; it ignores convention. When engaged in creative thinking all is possible. In its purest form creativity is a quality or state of being, not an act. It is also a practice, as meditation or exercise or any daily discipline that maintains the focus or mental state we desire. It is also an adjective, as in creative problem solving or creative thinking or creative solutions. Creativity itself then is only a feeling or mental state we experience. It could be considered an altered state of consciousness. Once one starts to use the quality, or state, of creativity for something like designing or solving art choices it ceases being the pure state of creativity and becomes something like problem solving in a creative manner.

So when I want to engage the creative process perhaps I simply want to experience a particular state of mind, the creative consciousness.