A Residency in Ireland

My goal in taking a residency at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland was to delve into my creative process fully by engaging in consistent art making and contemplation over an extended period of time. I hoped to relearn what motivates my pursuit of art while experiencing the ambiance and wonder of County Clare. I intended to explore and develop a visual perspective of the Burren and then share it in the form of paintings and drawings.

The first objective was to study the limestone, in order to paint the intriguing shapes that were created by the juxtaposition of the stones. However, I became distracted by the wild flowers I saw blooming in between them. Thus, a second goal emerged. My process evolved in two directions and I found myself creating both paintings and drawings that celebrated the natural shapes of the Burren.

The resulting work looks at both the limestone of the Burren and the plant life that surrounds the area. They seem to coexist, but they don't often intermingle. The mountains are covered with plants, which rise only to a certain level. Above the plants the mountains are capped with layers of ancient stone. My art reflects those two visual perspectives individually.

Limestone Series

Leaf Series